How to Organize your Refrigerator

organise your fridge

If you read our previous blog on how to clean your fridge then you know it is time to organize it now. We have put together a simple 15-minute way to organize your fridge and make sure you never struggle to find anything. These fridge organization hacks will help you not only save money but also prevent food wastage considering there are many South Africans going hungry each day.


Fridge door

The warmest spots in your refrigerator are inside the door and the top shelf. Store condiments, that can stand temperature fluctuations in the door or anything else that is not highly perishable like orange juice. Even though most fridges have a compartment for eggs on the door, it is best to store it in the middle or top shelves. Avoid storing any perishables in your fridge door.


The top shelf 

Like we mentioned earlier, the top shelf is also a very warm areas in your refrigerator. It is ideal for snacks and leftovers.Remember that leftovers can only be kept in the refrigerator for up to three days. 


Middle shelves

Since milk is liable to spoil, it should go in the middle shelf, which enjoys consistent temperatures. Same goes for eggs (don’t put them in the egg compartment of your door if you have one).  The middle shelf is ideal for any foods that are highly perishable. 


Bottom shelf

Place ready to eat meat or thawing meat on the last shelf. Always thaw meat in containers to avoid dripping and messing the refrigerator which gives you extra cleaning work.

If there are extra ready-to-eat ingredients that won’t fit on the top shelf, you can store these in the lower shelves as long as they are above the meats. 

Also keep kids snacks on a lower shelf (as long as long they are above the meat) to help them access them easily and to also avoid them scrounging through the whole fridge and making a mess. 


Crisper dish

Line your crisper dishes with paper towel or kitchen linen first, this not only saves you the trouble of cleaning the dishes often but is also a good way to make your vegetables last longer. Separate your greens and fruits in the drawers if you don’t have two crisper drawers. because, greens wilt slower when there’s moisture while fruits rot slower in low humidity. Another reason to keep greens and fruits separated: the ethylene from fruits can result in vegetables spoiling.



Instead of throwing away old foods each time you restock your refrigerator, maybe consider giving it to the needy, might be a homeless guy on the sidewalk on your way to work every morning or a shelter close by.

If not going to use vegetables blanch them and freeze them.

Store food in closed containers to prevent contamination or it from making your fridge stink.

Store a piece of charcoal to absorb smells.


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