Get to know your energy efficiency label and what it means

South Africa introduced the Energy Efficiency Label over 10 years ago for two main reasons: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to provide consumers with information on the energy efficiency of household appliances to encourage them to buy more efficient appliances.


Below is a list of the 12 appliances that should by law come with an energy efficiency label:

1. Audio-visual equipment –TVs, DVDs, Gaming Consoles, Decoders and set-top boxes




5.Electric Lamps 

6.Water heaters (geyser)

7.Washing Machines

8.Tumble Dryers

9.Washer-Dryer Combinations

10.Electric Ovens




However, in this article I will focus on refrigerators because that is what we are experts in. A refrigerator is one of the few electrical appliances in your house that does not sleep, so it is very important that you know its impact on the planet and on your bank account.  

Below is a summary of the energy efficiency label on our refrigerators and the information you need to know as a consumer