Development and Training

For us, capabilities are the skills, knowledge, behaviours and experience a person needs to do his or her job.

At the FridgeFactory, we have developed a comprehensive approach to developing our people and ensuring we have the right people and skills to meet our current and future business needs.  We identify and describe in detail the capabilities we need in our jobs, and we assess our people's current skills and provide opportunities for development. We offer on-the-job assignments, executive education and coaching.

Our aim is to improve individual skills and transfer learning and knowledge as well as enhance teamwork and build networks across the company.

Learning and development
Learning and development is about providing opportunities for our people to enhance their capabilities and to realise their full potential.  At the FridgeFactory, we view learning and development as a shared responsibility between the Company and our individual employees, with the Company providing the resources and individuals providing the essential motivation and commitment. We design learning and development activities to help in this. These focus on increasing the knowledge, experience, skills and behaviours of individuals and teams.

Part of our line managers' responsibility is to identify the training needs of his or her direct reports, match those needs to training and development opportunities and ensure that learning is transferred back into the workplace.